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Contraception and Family Planning

At Ross Medical we are here to help put you in control and help you decide what the best methods are for your circumstances. We provide an in-depth discussion about the options available to you. These include combined oral contraceptive pills, progesterone only pills, patches (Evra), rings (Nuvaring), injection (Depot injection) and barrier methods (condoms, diaphragms). Please note condoms are the only method known to prevent against some sexually transmitted diseases.


Long Acting Reversible Contraception

We also provide long acting reversible contraceptives- these are methods of birth control that provide effective contraception for an extended period without requiring regular user action. These include coils which can last 3 to 10 years (such as the Mirena Coil, Jaydess, Kyleena and Copper Coil) and the bar which lasts 3 years (Implanon).


Emergency Contraception

We offer advice and options for emergency contraception. These include the morning after pill and the copper coil (IUCD).

The IUCD is a very effective form of emergency contraception which is effective for up to five days after you have had unprotected sex (intercourse). It prevents more than 9 out of 10 pregnancies which would otherwise have occurred. It can be left in place to provide ongoing contraception.

The IUCD is the most effective method of emergency contraception - but it is not available everywhere, not all doctors are able to fit it and there may not be emergency appointments available at just the right time. Therefore, if you need emergency contraception it is important to try to make arrangements for this as early as possible.

If you don't want to continue to use the IUCD as contraception it can be removed after you have had your next period.

Let Us Help You

Please make an appointment if you wish to discuss contraception. All of our doctors are able to advise you in this area but we are fortunate to have a number of doctors with a special interest in Women’s Health including Dr Brenda Moran, Dr Danielle O Leary,Dr Rosemary Kelliher and Dr Fíona Coffey.