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Update on 3rd January 2022

Due to the increasing concern re Omicron, the HSE have asked us to run extra COVID vaccination clinics. While they are recommending we cancel all routine care, we plan on running our surgeries as normal as possible. If you have an appointment coming up- please attend unless we have rung you to cancel. 

Who should attend for a booster? Any patient over the age of 16 who have had their second vaccine over 3 months ago. 

We will have a mix of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, the Moderna vaccines are recommended for patients over 30 years of age and we have a responsibility to ensure as many patients as possible are vaccinated. If you are offered a Moderna vaccine we would recommend you to take it as it is a mRNA vaccine and studies seem to indicate increased protection against severe disease and death when you take a Moderna booster after 2 Pfizer vaccines.

However there are some exceptions:

1. If you were fully vaccinated and were diagnosed with a COVID 19 infection, please leave a 3 month interval since your diagnosis ***THIS IS NEW GUIDANCE THIS WEEK***

2. If you were partially vaccinated and were diagnosed with a COVID 19 infection, please leave a 1 month interval since your diagnosis

3. If you received the Janssen (Johnson and Johnson one dose vaccine) please apply for your booster straight away, no time delay. 

4. If you are immunocompromised and it has been 3 months since your third vaccine you may attend for a booster (4th dose)

We particularly encourage our older patients, pregnant patients and any patients who are in category 4 or 7 to attend. We also encourage our unvaccinated patients to attend as well and are happy to give them their 2 doses. 

 Our vaccination clinics are going to run on Thursday 6th of January and Thursday 13th of January from 3-5pm. 

In order to sign up to the clinic, please text your name, DOB and clinic date to 087 1662351. 

You will receive a text back (may be a delay as we get through texts) with confirmation and the time for you to arrive. Please arrive at the time on your text, not before, as we will be staggering patients. As always please wear short sleeves under your coat and there is no 15 minute observation period after the vaccine now so you be asked to leave the practice after your vaccine. 

You can stay in your car for 15 minutes after the vaccine if you wish and of course may return to the practice if you're concerned. 

If more than one member of a family wishes to attend for a booster- please give all names and DOB via text. 

It's been an extremely challenging year for GP so please bear with us while we run these clinics.