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Ross Medical Practice, Killarney Primary Care Centre, Rock Road,
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Summer in Ross Medical Practice


As we come into summer in Ross Medical Practice, our staff will begin to take a well-deserved break. This will mean some changes to normal practice. 


We would ask that patients give as much information as possible to the administration staff as they are often able to assist without needing to speak to a doctor. If you don’t want to give much information, that is fine but you may have to wait longer as your call can’t be triaged appropriately. Please be reassured that all our staff follow our confidentiality guidelines and behave appropriately at all times. 


You may be waiting longer for a doctor to return your call/for an appointment to be seen. If you feel you have an emergency and need to be IMMEDIATELY- please contact 999/112 as we are not an emergency service. 

If you feel you need to be seen urgently, please ring early and give as much information as possible. 


Any chronic issues may have to wait a few days/weeks depending on the condition. We have been advised to postpone any stable bloods/health check up bloods by the HSE for the moment due to the cyber attack. 


Please be patient with our staff, especially administration staff as we have been working at nearly 200% capacity since COVID last year and now with the latest cyber attack it is even harder to get support from secondary care. 


Thank you