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As the cases in Killarney/Kerry/Ireland increase, it can be confusing to know who is to self isolate/restrict movements. 


We encourage you to visit the HSE websites listed below for information about this but here is some general advice. 


A close contact is 

·      anyone who has spent 15 minutes face to face (<2 meters distance) in any setting or

·      any household contact which is defined as living or sleeping in the same house, individuals in shared accommodation sharing kitchen or bathroom facilities and sexual partners. 

For those contacts who have shared a closed space with a case for longer than two hours, a risk assessment should be undertaken taking into consideration the size of the room, ventilation and distance from the case- this may include office and school settings and any sort of large conveyance—THIS WILL BE DECIDED BY PUBLIC HEALTH DOCTORS, NOT YOUR GP. 


If you are a close contact of a positive care- you need to self isolate for 14 days. This is regardless if your day 0 and day 7 case are negative/not detected. This is because of the latency period of COVID (it can take up to 14 days for symptoms to show up)


We know once patients hear they are a close contact they wanted to be tested straight away, we understand the fear and frustration around COVID 19 at the moment. However it is important to wait for public health to contact you if you are asymptomatic. This is because they organise 2 tests which we are unable to do as GPs. It is also the role of public health to decide who should and shouldn’t be tested. If you have symptoms-dry cough/fever/lack of sense of smell or taste-please contact your GP to organise a test. However there is no benefit to going for a HSE COVID test or private COVID test (via the Bons Secours Hospital) immediately- it does not shorten your 14 days isolation. The most important thing to do is isolate straight away and wait public health to call


A question we are asked commonly at the moment- “My daughter/son has been deemed a close contact by public health and is isolating and waiting for a test. Can I go to work? Can the rest of the family go to school?” 

If your son/daughter have NO symptoms(asymptomatic case)- this means they are only being tested and isolating because of being a close contact and they have about a 1 in 10 chance of testing positive. Then yes- you may go to work and other siblings go to school. This is because you are deemed “a contact of a contact”. Please read the HSE website for more advice on this.


However if your son/daughter is to develop any symptoms such a dry cough/fever/change in sense of smell/taste- then this changes circumstances and in that scenario the son/daughter will need to be swabbed as symptomatic case. ALL FAMILY MEMBERS MUST RESTRICT THEIR MOVEMENTS WHILE WAITING FOR THE SWAB RESULT. 






We appreciate that it can be confusing to know what to do, we do encourage you to read the HSE website on COVID advice. However if you’re still not sure what to do and you can’t get through to public health- 1850 24 1850 then please contact us rather than just go to work/school.


What should I do if I have a positive/COVID detected result?

1.     Check how you’re feeling- how is your breathing/general health

2.     Advise your family members to start restricting their movements

3.     Start getting a list of any of your contacts over the past 48 hours and their phone number

4.     Await public health phone call

5.     Isolate for 10 days, the last 5 days of which you must be symptom free


What should I do if I have a negative/ COVID not detected result?

1.     Check how you’re feeling- how is your breathing/general health

2.     Advise your family members they do not need to restrict their movements any longer

3.     You may return to work when you are symptom free for 48 hours


Another question- “My daughter/son was a close contact but their friend never told public health about them. What should we do

If your son/daughter was a close contact then they should contact their friend to ensure their name and number was given to Public Health. If not then they can contact Public Health themselves on 1850 24 1850. If they feel they were a close contact then they need to isolate for 14 days and nothing will change this. A positive test just has an impact for the rest of the family. 



These are just some general queries we’re getting at the moment. We ask everyone who has symptoms of COVID to isolate immediately and ring us to be referred for a test. 


COVID-19 is a new illness that can affect your lungs and airways. It's caused by a virus called coronavirus.

Please ring Ross Medical Practice on 064 6632488 to speak to a GP if you are concerned about COVID 19. If you display any of the symptoms we ask you to self-isolate straight away and do NOT come to the practice without speaking to one of the doctors first. 


Please check out https://www2.hse.ie/conditions/coronavirus/coronavirus.html

For more information on COVID 19 and testing criteria. 

Symptoms of coronavirus

It can take up to 14 days for symptoms of coronavirus to appear. They can be similar to the symptoms of cold and flu.

Common symptoms of coronavirus include:

For people who get infected with coronavirus:

  • 80% will have mild illness and make a full recovery within a few weeks
  • 14% will have a more severe illness
  • 6% will have a critical illness

Protect yourself and others from coronavirus

Coronavirus is spread in sneeze or cough droplets. To infect you, it has to get from an infected person's nose or mouth into your eyes, nose or mouth. 

It’s important to wash your hands properly and often.

Follow this advice to protect yourself and others from coronavirus

Restricted movements and self-isolation

To help stop the spread of coronavirus you may need to either restrict your movements or self-isolate.

Restricted movements means avoiding contact with other people and social situations as much as possible. You will need to do this if you are a close contact of a confirmed case of coronavirus and you are still well.

Self-isolation means staying indoors and completely avoiding contact with other people. You will need to do this if you have symptoms of coronavirus.

The first 30 minutes of this Late Late Show discusses self isolation


(March 13th2020)



Here is a link to the HSPC advice on this




There is no specific treatment for coronavirus. But many of the symptoms of coronavirus can be treated at home. Take any medication you are already taking as usual, unless you are told not to by a healthcare professional.

Most people who catch coronavirus will experience mild symptoms. They should make a full recovery without needing to go to hospital.

If your symptoms get worse and you feel very unwell you may need to go to hospital.



Please ring Ross Medical Practice on 064 6632488 to speak to a GP if you are concerned about COVID 19. If you display any of the symptoms we ask you to self-isolate straight away and do NOT come to the practice without speaking to one of the doctors first.