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Ross Medical Practice COVID Vaccination


Could any of our patients who feel they belong to group 4 or group 7 and they have not received a vaccine-please contact Ross Medical Practice. This is really only for patients under 40 years of age as we assume any patient who can avail of a vaccine via the portal have registered for this. 

We didn't sign up to group 4/group 7 but with the HSE cyber attack we don't want our patients to miss out on their vaccine. If you're unsure if you meet the criteria for these groups please look at the HSE website. 

If you can sign up via the portal (ages 40 and above) please do and don't wait for us to ring as we assume all our patients are availing of this, regardless of any co-morbidities. 



We have now given at least the first dose vaccine to all our over 70s patients and many of our oldest patients have received both doses.  It has been a mammoth task and we are so thankful to all our staff for the hard work they’ve put- from the administration staff Maria, Martina, Catherine and Aislinn organising it, ringing hundreds of patients and keeping the clinic running on the day. Our fantastic nurses- Anna, Ann, Edyta and Tara for giving up evenings and weekends to vaccinate our patients and of course Dr Coffey (senior!) who attended every clinic and vaccinated quite a few of our patients. 

And every patient who attended our clinic- for their patience and understanding on the day.

At the moment Ross Medical Practice has no plans to continue vaccinating. The main reason is the amount of time it is pulling from GP. We know our patients are frustrated trying to get through to us and then to be seen which is very difficult when clinics are running. 


As well the Killarney Sports and Leisure Centre has begun mass vaccinations and are doing a wonderful job. 

One thing we would encourage all our patients to do is consider donating to the Unicef- Get a Vaccine, Give a Vaccine programme. The daily scenes from India and other countries across the world are so upsetting. We have been privileged to receive the vaccines we have in Ireland and to see our country start to reopen and normal life resume. 




Please click on the link above to donate, you can just give a once off donation to however much you feel able. 



           Nobody is safe until everyone is safe and no child is safe until everyone they rely on is safe.


So what is next for our patients who haven't received the vaccines? 


Please keep an eye on the HSE webpage to see if your age group is available to register for your vaccine - https://vaccine.hse.ie. Ages 40-49 are expected to begin registering soon. 


If you received your first vaccine in Ross Medical Practice- you are guaranteed your second vaccine in Ross Medical Practice (as per HSE guidelines) 


If you received your first vaccine elsewhere- you will receive your second vaccine in the same location. 


If you are a high risk patient and under the care of a consultant- please contact your consultant, they were already supposed to refer you for your vaccine. Please inform them that you will not be able to receive your vaccine in Ross Medical Practice. 


It would be unusual to be a high risk patient and not be under a consultant as per the HSE criteria for high risk patients. It is most likely you will receive your vaccine in Killarney Sports and Leisure Centre but we’re waiting for more information from the HSE on this. For patients in group 4a and group 7- we know it is most frustrating for this cohort. Last week we were to send a list of all these patients to the HSE when the cyber attack happened and of course it has been delayed now. We know people are hesitant about what vaccine they might receive, please remember the best vaccine is the one into your arm. 


While we understand patients are confused and wish to get more information about the current vaccination programme- the amount of calls we are receiving is huge. We encourage you to contact the HSE helpline first and see if they can be of service. https://www2.hse.ie/services/contact-the-hse/

LoCall: 1850 24 1850      Open: 8am to 8pm, Monday to Sunday.

It's best to call between 1pm and 6pm. You will get through to an operator quicker.



Thank you once again for your understanding and patience.