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Omicron Update




There is a lot of confusion at the moment around antigen tests, close contacts, periods of isolations, restricted movement, PCR access etc. 


It is changing so quickly and the best thing to do is to look at the HSE website for the most current guidelines, not just what is said in the media. 


The following is the link below and follow it to what is most appropriate to your situation. 




We are receiving a lot of calls from close contacts requesting a PCR test, even when they don't have symptoms. At the moment it is just antigen tests recommended unless you develop symptoms or have a positive antigen. Getting a negative PCR does not mean you can leave your restricted movement period earlier, currently the period depends on if you're unvaccinated, one vaccine, full vaccine and full vaccine plus booster. 


The test centres are under huge pressure at the moment so we're trying to use the PCR tests for symptomatic patients or those with positive antigens. 


Even with this there is still a delay with accessing PCRs. If you get a positive antigen test or have symptoms of COVID (even with a negative antigen test) please self-isolate until you have your test result and you are symptom free for 48 hours (if COVID negative). It's probably no harm to let any of your close contacts know (see HSE guidelines for who qualifies as close contacts) as there is a delay with contact tracing at the moment too. 


If you are COVID positive, it's unlikely we will be able to see you in our surgery until you have completed your full period of isolation. If you are deteriorating you will need to be seen in the hospital but we are happy to give telephone advice where appropriate .