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Appointments in Ross Medical Practice Winter 2021


As you are aware, the health service is under enormous pressure. There is simply not enough doctors, nurses and health professionals to manage the current demand. This is unlikely to change in the near future. 


We know our phone lines are busy, we know people don’t like waiting in a queue. There is no alternative, if too many people are looking for a service at one time, this is what happens. The staff on the front desk work extremely hard from the moment we open to long after we close. Any abuse directed towards them or any of our staff will not be tolerated and the patient will be asked to move practice, regardless how long they are with Ross Medical. 


We are currently operating a telephone consultation model first in Ross Medical. There are a number of reasons for this 

Firstly not every patient needs to be seen in person, many issues such as follow up appointments, medication advice, referrals, scan results and form filling do not need to be done in person. However in Ross Medical we have always seen patients when required. By telephone triage first we can also try and bring patients in at appropriate times and try not to have too many patients in the waiting room at once. 


I know this can be frustrating to patients who are used to getting appointments whenever required but part of our responsibility is to try and accommodate as many patients as possible and use resources appropriately. Every patient contact generates further work that might not be evident- typing the consultation, sending referrals, following up on referrals, cleaning the room after. This all eats into doctor-patient time. 


If you are told there are no more appointments on a certain day, this is because there are no more appointments on that day. We generally try and accommodate children where possibly but we cannot practice at a dangerous level either, this is where mistakes are made and patients suffer. If you feel your issue is urgent and cannot wait, then please ring 999/112 or present to your nearest hospital. There is no other solution to this at the moment 


With regard to blood tests- there is currently about a 2 week delay to book fasting blood tests. We are prioritising bloods that are ordered by a GP or consultant. It is usually not necessary to repeat your bloods too often and you will be guided when to repeat them by the doctors and nurses. Equally it is your responsibility to make an appointment for your repeat bloods if you were told to repeat them (eg in 6 to 8 weeks). If you require bloods for a hospital appointment then make the appointment in advance, you will know when your appointment is so try and schedule bloods about 2 weeks before. That means you need to ring about a month before your hospital appointment to book for your bloods tests. 


We do not have the time to chase patients, ultimately your health is your responsibility. You should be aware what investigations you have had done, when they were done, were you told to repeat them, what medications you are on and what they are for. If your prescription is running out please order in a timely manner, if you need them immediately pharmacies are allowed to give out a one week emergency script of your regular medications. If you feel you need further advice about a problem, then ring us back. Yes you may be waiting to speak to us but we always want the absolute best for our patients and will try and help them every way we can. 


Q- I had an investigation/scan in the hospital and I don’t have the results, can the GP give them to me?


A-    It is the responsibility of the investigating team(ie the hospital team) to give you these results. We are simply too busy to be following up on their results as well. You may be given them at your follow up outpatients appointment. While we usually get a copy of them for your file, please do not ask the secretary to give them to the GP to explain. Ask for a member of the hospital team to speak to you. If you don’t understand what they are saying, ask them to explain clearer.


Q- I had a scan that was organised by my GP and I haven’t received the results. What do I do?


A-    In this case it is the responsibility of the GP to give the results and if you haven’t heard from Ross Medical please contact us. However we usually advise to allow up to 3 weeks for the results as they take longer to get sent to us. You may receive a text from Ross Medical that states your results are normal. If the issue still hasn’t gone away then do reach out to us again about it. 


Q- I was started on new medication by my consultant and I’m not sure about it. Who do I contact?


A-    Everybody seems to be told to contact their GP, however it is much more appropriate to contact the healthcare team who started this medication. It may be a controlled/high tech medication we don’t prescribe in general practice and so we mightn’t be able to guide you on. If you’re not sure then your first port of call should be your pharmacy and ask them what they think. 



We know everyone is under a lot of stress these days. However we are trying our best and working extremely hard for all our patients. We’re all hoping for a day the health system improves and both healthcare workers and patients are happy.