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As you are aware there has been a cyber attack on the HSE internet safety. 


What does that mean for patients of Ross Medical?

All our notes in Ross Medical Practice are computerised. However we do not share our computer system with the HSE except in certain circumstances(referrals/blood results). 

Our software provider (Clanwilliam) said they have not been affected the cyber attack. 


However there are some aspects that will be affected. 

  1. Blood/Urine Tests - the HSE has requested that we do not send in any blood samples, urine samples or other samples (eg swabs) while they are dealing with this threat. As well as that- any samples submitted in the days immediately before Friday 14th May may no longer be suitable for processing. We are awaiting further information on this. 

If you have an appointment in the next few days for blood tests- you may get a phone call rescheduling this appointment. Please bear with us while we are doing this as we have a lot of appointments to reschedule and we're not sure when the labs will be fully operational again. 


Blood samples that have been sent over the last few days/weeks- the results will not be available for the foreseeable future as the laboratory cannot access the results of previous samples while IT systems are down. 


2. Referrals for outpatients/scans.

At the moment we are no longer able to send our referrals for hospital appointments and scans. We can send appointments via post but we will await guidance from the HSE as to how best to proceed. This may mean we will delay sending a referral for a few days. In most cases this shouldn't be an issue due to how long waiting lists are anyway. However if you were told by your GP that you were being referred for an outpatients appointment or scan in the days leading up to Friday May 14th and you don't hear anything in the next few weeks- please contact the hospital to see if the referral was received. If the hospital isn't sure please contact us.



 3. COVID referrals


Our COVID referral system is down while the HSE IT is down. There is a walk in clinic in Tralee. However if you have symptoms you are still asked to ring your GP in the first instance. 


These seem to be the main issues in general practice. The hospital outpatients have been affected as well so if you have an appointment in the next week it is important to check with the hospital is it still going ahead. Any urgent/emergency appointments are still to proceed as per the HSE communication to us. 


We will keep you updated as we received more information. Thank you