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As the cases continue to increase In Kerry, we at Ross Medical Practice have decided to implement the following measures. It is uncertain how long these will last but likely until we move back to level 2. 

We need to remind patients who are been referred for a COVID test- if you are referred because you are symptomatic then the WHOLE household must isolate and not leave your house except in emergencies. If you are referred for a COVID test because you are a close contact and you have no symptoms then YOU must restrict your movements but the rest of your household don't have to unless your swab is positive of you develop symptoms. 

Changes to Ross Medical Practice

1. Phlebotomy/Blood taking clinics

For the coming weeks no routine blood tests requested by the patient or blood tests ordered by the hospital or blood tests ordered by a private consultant can be booked. Only the GPs at Ross Medical Practice can book a patient for blood tests. If you are concerned you need blood tests urgently-please speak to a GP. If your blood test have been ordered by a consultant- please contact this consultant to see how they can facilitate your blood tests. 

We are making these changes to reduce footfall through the practice and have to prioritise our staff safety. We will constantly review this decision in the coming weeks. 

2. Forms to be signed

If you have a form you need to be filled by a doctor-please post it to the practice with all your details filled in it and a note of which doctor you wish to fill it out. Ideally we would post the form directly from Ross Medical Practice but if you wish to receive it first then please enclose a stamped self addressed so we can return it to you. This is to reduce footfall into the practice. 

3. Prescriptions

Please order your prescription via our website and include which pharmacy you would like it to be sent to. Please allow 48 hours (not including weekends) for this. All prescriptions are reviewed by a doctor before it is sent to the pharmacy. We ask that you don't write "all medications/repeat medications" on your request but write the name and dosage of the medications you require. You could save your medication list to a word document to make this easier for you or ask a family member to do it. 

4. Appointments with a GP

We are aware some patients find it frustrating that they have to speak to a doctor on the phone rather than just be allowed to book in for an appointment. As you are aware more and more patients who test positive for COVID have no symptoms or very mild symptoms and it's for our staff safety that we try and deal with as many patients over the phone and also minimise the time patients spend in the room with the doctor or nurse. Over the coming weeks we are going to try and deal with as much over the phone again however we have always  and will continue to accommodate patients we feel need to be seen and will continue to run our respiratory clinic in the evenings.  

Patients are requested NOT to just turn up to Ross Medical Practice, you will be asked to return to your car and ring from there. If it is an emergency- please ring 999, especially if you have chest pain or difficulty breathing.

Please be aware that we will continue to run our smear clinics, baby vaccination clinics and antenatal appointments as usual. We encourage all women from 25 years of age to register with cervicalcheck.ie and attend for your smear as soon as required. 

Finally we would like to thank all our patients for their understanding, patience and support over the past few months. There has been so many changes to all our lives and we're constantly reviewing our practice to try and keep up with this challenging situation. We will continue to update our website as things progress. 



As you are all aware we operated a doctor led triage where we tried to manage as many issues as we could over the phone. This was alongside seeing patients where we felt appropriate and our respiratory clinic every evening where we saw any patients with temperatures/coughs/COVID-like symptoms in full PPE with the highest hygiene precautions. Thanks to our wonderful nurses we were able to continue to deliver their phlebotomy (blood taking) clinics, antenatal clinics, cryotherapy, diabetic and chronic disease management clinics. Our flu clinics are ongoing (please see flu clinic information sheet for updates)


As the level of COVID in the community begins to escalate, we feel it is appropriate to once again move back to phone based consultations. This may mean that many routine clinics and services are decreased again over the coming weeks. This is to protect our staff and our patients- if the practice was to close for 2 weeks we don’t know how our patients would be accommodated by the HSE.


However we urge our patients to contact us about any medical issues/queries they may have. If we can help you, we absolutely will and if we can’t, we will try to direct you to the service we feel most appropriate. Please note that access to public hospitals is particularly difficult at the moment with A&E being the only way for most patients to be reviewed urgently. We understand patients are concerned and frightened about going to A&E and we wish there was a different way to proceed but this appears to the set up for the foreseeable future.


Our phones are extremely busy at the moment and our reception staff have been diligently working to try and answer every call as well as manage all other administration work which has increased with COVID. We understand patients are frustrated when they can’t get through and they have to ring multiple times. This is unlikely to change going forward so we encourage every patient to order their prescription via our website form and include the pharmacy you wish it to be sent to. This goes to a secure email address and is checked twice a day (please allow 48 hours for prescriptions to be sent to the pharmacy of your choice). Ideally we would like a list of your medications instead of “all medications/repeat medications” and every prescription is reviewed by a doctor before it is sent to the pharmacy. 


We ask that patients continue to treat our reception and all staff with respect. Any patients who don’t will be asked to leave Ross Medical Practice. We are all in this together and likely have even more difficult times ahead. Thank you