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Monday -Friday: 9am-5pm
Emergencies: 8-9am — 5-6pm
Ross Medical Practice, Killarney Primary Care Centre, Rock Road,
Killarney, Co Kerry, V93 KN8K

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Ross Medical Practice COVID Vaccination


Could any of our patients who feel they belong to group 4 or group 7 and they have not received a vaccine-please contact Ross Medical Practice. This is really only for patients under 40 years of age as we assume any patient who can avail of a vaccine via the portal have registered for this. 

We didn't sign up to group 4/group 7 but with the HSE cyber attack we don't want our patients to miss out on their vaccine. If you're unsure if you meet the criteria for these groups please look at the HSE website. 

If you can sign up via the portal (ages 40 and above) please do and don't wait for us to ring as we assume all our patients are availing of this, regardless of any co-morbidities. 



We have now given at least the first dose vaccine to all our over 70s patients and many of our oldest patients have received both doses.  It has been a mammoth task and we are so thankful to all our staff for the hard work they’ve put- from the administration staff Maria, Martina, Catherine and Aislinn organising it, ringing hundreds of patients and keeping the clinic running on the day. Our fantastic nurses- Anna, Ann, Edyta and Tara for giving up evenings and weekends to vaccinate our patients and of course Dr Coffey (senior!) who attended every clinic and vaccinated quite a few of our patients. 

And every patient who attended our clinic- for their patience and understanding on the day.

At the moment Ross Medical Practice has no plans to continue vaccinating. The main reason is the amount of time it is pulling from GP. We know our patients are frustrated trying to get through to us and then to be seen which is very difficult when clinics are running. 


As well the Killarney Sports and Leisure Centre has begun mass vaccinations and are doing a wonderful job. 

One thing we would encourage all our patients to do is consider donating to the Unicef- Get a Vaccine, Give a Vaccine programme. The daily scenes from India and other countries across the world are so upsetting. We have been privileged to receive the vaccines we have in Ireland and to see our country start to reopen and normal life resume. 




Please click on the link above to donate, you can just give a once off donation to however much you feel able. 



           Nobody is safe until everyone is safe and no child is safe until everyone they rely on is safe.


So what is next for our patients who haven't received the vaccines? 


Please keep an eye on the HSE webpage to see if your age group is available to register for your vaccine - https://vaccine.hse.ie. Ages 40-49 are expected to begin registering soon. 


If you received your first vaccine in Ross Medical Practice- you are guaranteed your second vaccine in Ross Medical Practice (as per HSE guidelines) 


If you received your first vaccine elsewhere- you will receive your second vaccine in the same location. 


If you are a high risk patient and under the care of a consultant- please contact your consultant, they were already supposed to refer you for your vaccine. Please inform them that you will not be able to receive your vaccine in Ross Medical Practice. 


It would be unusual to be a high risk patient and not be under a consultant as per the HSE criteria for high risk patients. It is most likely you will receive your vaccine in Killarney Sports and Leisure Centre but we’re waiting for more information from the HSE on this. For patients in group 4a and group 7- we know it is most frustrating for this cohort. Last week we were to send a list of all these patients to the HSE when the cyber attack happened and of course it has been delayed now. We know people are hesitant about what vaccine they might receive, please remember the best vaccine is the one into your arm. 


While we understand patients are confused and wish to get more information about the current vaccination programme- the amount of calls we are receiving is huge. We encourage you to contact the HSE helpline first and see if they can be of service. https://www2.hse.ie/services/contact-the-hse/

LoCall: 1850 24 1850      Open: 8am to 8pm, Monday to Sunday.

It's best to call between 1pm and 6pm. You will get through to an operator quicker.



Thank you once again for your understanding and patience. 




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    SUMMER 2021



    Summer in Ross Medical Practice


    As we come into summer in Ross Medical Practice, our staff will begin to take a well-deserved break. This will mean some changes to normal practice. 


    We would ask that patients give as much information as possible to the administration staff as they are often able to assist without needing to speak to a doctor. If you don’t want to give much information, that is fine but you may have to wait longer as your call can’t be triaged appropriately. Please be reassured that all our staff follow our confidentiality guidelines and behave appropriately at all times. 


    You may be waiting longer for a doctor to return your call/for an appointment to be seen. If you feel you have an emergency and need to be IMMEDIATELY- please contact 999/112 as we are not an emergency service. 

    If you feel you need to be seen urgently, please ring early and give as much information as possible. 


    Any chronic issues may have to wait a few days/weeks depending on the condition. We have been advised to postpone any stable bloods/health check up bloods by the HSE for the moment due to the cyber attack. 


    Please be patient with our staff, especially administration staff as we have been working at nearly 200% capacity since COVID last year and now with the latest cyber attack it is even harder to get support from secondary care. 


    Thank you 






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      As you are aware there has been a cyber attack on the HSE internet safety. 


      What does that mean for patients of Ross Medical?

      All our notes in Ross Medical Practice are computerised. However we do not share our computer system with the HSE except in certain circumstances(referrals/blood results). 

      Our software provider (Clanwilliam) said they have not been affected the cyber attack. 


      However there are some aspects that will be affected. 

      1. Blood/Urine Tests - the HSE has requested that we do not send in any blood samples, urine samples or other samples (eg swabs) while they are dealing with this threat. As well as that- any samples submitted in the days immediately before Friday 14th May may no longer be suitable for processing. We are awaiting further information on this. 

      If you have an appointment in the next few days for blood tests- you may get a phone call rescheduling this appointment. Please bear with us while we are doing this as we have a lot of appointments to reschedule and we're not sure when the labs will be fully operational again. 


      Blood samples that have been sent over the last few days/weeks- the results will not be available for the foreseeable future as the laboratory cannot access the results of previous samples while IT systems are down. 


      2. Referrals for outpatients/scans.

      At the moment we are no longer able to send our referrals for hospital appointments and scans. We can send appointments via post but we will await guidance from the HSE as to how best to proceed. This may mean we will delay sending a referral for a few days. In most cases this shouldn't be an issue due to how long waiting lists are anyway. However if you were told by your GP that you were being referred for an outpatients appointment or scan in the days leading up to Friday May 14th and you don't hear anything in the next few weeks- please contact the hospital to see if the referral was received. If the hospital isn't sure please contact us.



       3. COVID referrals


      Our COVID referral system is down while the HSE IT is down. There is a walk in clinic in Tralee. However if you have symptoms you are still asked to ring your GP in the first instance. 


      These seem to be the main issues in general practice. The hospital outpatients have been affected as well so if you have an appointment in the next week it is important to check with the hospital is it still going ahead. Any urgent/emergency appointments are still to proceed as per the HSE communication to us. 


      We will keep you updated as we received more information. Thank you 







        Useful Information for Patients

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        Useful Information for Patients

        Here are some links to useful websites:


        Breastfeeding Advice



        Health Information on common illnesses


        HSE Official Website



        Patient Information leaflets


        HSE Healthy Eating Guidelines


        Immunisations for children



        Information about meningitis for parents



        Information about caring for children with coughs



        Travel vaccinations



        Applying for a medical card



        Driving Licence forms



        SouthWest Counselling Service

        Address: Emmett's Road (adjacent to the Aras Phadraig and KDYS).

        Tel: 064 6636416

        Email: info@southwestcounselling.ie


        Hours: Mon-Fri and some Saturday, evening appointments available.

        Heartbeat Killarney

        Heartbeat Killarney is a voluntary Support Group for those  with heart disease or who have had a cardiac event of stroke in their lives. Run by heart patients and carers, its objective is to help people to return to living as full a life as possible. Heartbeat Killarney Kerry Cardiac Support Group meets on the last Monday of every month (except July and December) at 8pm in the Serenity Centre next to the Killarney Parish Hall just off St. Annes Road in Killarney, Co. Kerry. 



        Here are links to local resources:



        Pastoral Centre, Rock Road, Killarney

        Tel 064 6632644

        Email: accordkillarney@eircom.net

        Website: https://www.accord.ie

        ACCORD is an Irish voluntary Catholic organisation that aims to promote a deeper understanding of Christian marriage and to offer people the means to safeguard and nourish their marriage and family relationships. They provide
a Marriage & Relationship Counselling Service as well as marriage preparation programmes for couples of all denominations.


        Killeen Road, Tralee

        Tel 0667129100

        Email: kerryrefuge@eircom.net

        Website: www.kerryrefuge.com

        Remember, you are not alone - you can get help and support! Although ADAPT Kerry women’s refuge is located in Tralee, it services the catchment area of Kerry and operates on a 24-hour basis. Some of the other services they provide include, court accompaniment, outreach support and links with other agencies; accessing support from other services of legal aid, the community welfare office, local housing authority, department of social & family affairs. The refuge service provides residents with some breathing space, where with the support of staff, they can come to some decisions regarding their needs.


        Tel 1800 459459

        Limerick: 061316661

        Helpline for people with HIV/AIDS


        Serenity Centre: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday 8.30pm Saturday 3.00pm

        Sunday 11.30am – 8.30pm

        Parish Hall: (off St Anne’s Road): Monday, Wednesday and Friday 12noon

        Monday, Tuesday and Friday 8.30pm
Methodist Church: Please check Church notice boards for meeting times


        Alcoholics Anonymous is an international fellowship of men and women who have had a drinking problem. Membership is open to anyone who wants to do something about his or her drinking problem.The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking.
requirements. There are no fees for AA. Weekly Meetings in Killarney are held at the above venues.


        Tralee Day Care at the Rosemary Centre, Boherbee Tralee 066 7180377

        North Kerry Homecare Service 087 2291583 Kathleen Herlihy

        South Kerry home Care Service 066 9475430 or 087 9281234 Una Fogarty

        Website: www.alzheimer.ie

        As the major dementia-specific service provider in Ireland, The Alzheimer Society's network includes numerous dementia specific services such as day care centres, home care services, carer support groups, social clubs, a national respite centre and an advocacy service. 

        ANAM CARA

        Parental & Sibling Bereavement Support

        HCL House, Second Avenue, Cookstown Industrial Estate, Tallaght, Dublin 24

        Tel 01 4045 378 or 085 2888 888 

        Email: info@anamcara.ie

        Website: www.anamcara.ie

        Anam Cara is a national voluntary organisation, set up by bereaved parents to support bereaved parents and siblings throughout Ireland.


        Aware Helpline on 1890 303 302

        Tralee - St. John’s Church, Castle Street. (Rooms at Back) Every Tuesday at 8pm.
Kate on 087-2993142 or main office on 01-6617211 for details.

        Website: https://www.aware.ie

        Kerry Relatives - The Meadowlands Hotel, Oakpark, Tralee.
1st Wednesday of every month at 8pm.
Kate on 087-2993142 or main office on 01-6617211 for details. 

        National organisation providing support, information and education services for those suffering from depression. They provide face-to-face, phone and online support for individuals who are experiencing mild to moderate depression, as well as friends and families who are concerned for a loved one. Please visit their comprehensive website for more information.


        Contact: Elizabeth O’Doherty 0646632047 mob: 0872932598 Website: 


        Rainbows, is a peer-support programme to assist children and young people who are grieving a death, separation or divorce in their family. Rainbows helps by providing a safe setting in which children and young people can share their feelings, emotions and struggles with others who have similar experiences. They are supported in this process by a trained facilitator. This is currently run in St Oliver’s School Killarney.


        Killarney CIC, Unit 2, 1 St Floor, Park Court, 
        Beech Road, Killarney, Co. Kerry

        Tel: 0761 07 7820

        Fax: 064 6634692

        email: killarney@citinfo.ie

        website: http://www.citizensinformation.ie/en/

        Killarney.cic@citizensinformation.ie Monday 10am – 1pm

        Tuesday 10am – 1pm, 2pm – 5pm Wednesday 10am – 1pm Thursday 10am – 1pm
Friday 10am – 1pm nd Free Legal Advice Centre: 2 only)

        Monday of each month 6pm-7pm (By appointment

        The Citizens Information Board is the statutory body which supports the provision of information, advice and advocacy on a broad range of public and social services. It provides the Citizens Information website, www.citizensinformation.ie, and supports the voluntary network of Citizens Information Centres and the Citizens Information. 


        1. Holy Cross Day Care Centre, Rock Road, Killarney.

        Landline: 064 663 5005

        The Centre has full time nursing supervision, is open Monday to Friday between 10.00am and 4.00pm, and a hot meal is served each day to 30 people. The Centre is wheelchair accessible. Other services provided at the Centre include – arts and crafts, music, spiritual services, Holy Communion, physiotherapy, Chiropody, assisted showers, talks on topics of interest to older people, bingo and cards and outings

2.Transport. Our minibus provides transport to and from the centre for our less physically able people. The minibus is wheelchair friendly, and is available for use by other voluntary community organisations.

        3. Meals on Wheels

        Contact: (064) 6631987 for Manager of Day Centre

        (064) 6635005 for Secretary
E mail: killarneycommunityservices@eircom.net

        Killarney Community Services is responsible for the administration of the Meals on Wheels service, liaising with HSE and Public Health Nurses. Contact: (064) 6631987 for Manager of Day Care Centre (064) 6635005 for Secretary
E mail: killarneycommunityservices@eircom.net


        Victim Assistance Ireland, 5H Liber House, 
        Tralee,Co. Kerry
        Tel:(066) 7119830
        Fax:(066) 7119830
        Counselling and support for victims of crime.


        Tralee Centre: St. John's Castle Street, Tralee, Co. Kerry Tel: 066 - 7127355
\Diocesan Chaplain: Rev. Kevin Sullivan


        Cura Kerry was established in 1977 as a caring service for all women who are unhappily pregnant and to anyone affected by this crisis. CURA Kerry, though situated in Tralee provides support for all of the Kerry Diocese. It is a voluntary, non-directive counselling, information and referral service, offering support and practical assistance to any vulnerable woman who feels under threat because of a pregnancy.


        Kerry Diocesan Youth Services Drugs Project Killarney

        Killarney Community Drugs Initiative,

        KDYS Youth Centre,

        Fair Hill, Killarney

        064 6631748 /086 7364605

        Email: desbailey@kdys.ie

        Website: www.kdys.ie

        Community based, low-threshold intervention for young people, who are either at risk of alcohol and/or drug misuse, actually sing/misusing or have recently stopped using/misusing and therefore need further help and support. Support also for parents and loved ones of young people caught up in substance misuse.


        Community Resource Officer: Kathryn Foley
        Epilepsy Ireland Glenwood, Park Road
        Killarney, KerryTel: 064 6630301
        Email: kfoley@epilepsy.ie

        Website http://http://www.epilepsy.ie/index.cfm
        Office Hours:

        Monday - 9.00am -6.00pm
        Tuesday - 9.00am - 3.00pm
        Wednesday - 9.00am - 3.00pm
        Thursday - 9.00am - 3.00pm

        Epilepsy Ireland is committed to working for, and to meeting the needs of everyone with epilepsy in Ireland and their families and carers.


        Chairperson: Betty Crosbie 064 6632030

        Friends of the Children of Chernobyl is a charity which was set up in 1992 to bring children from Chernobyl to Killarney for the month of July each year. The children stay with local host families and have two interpreters on call for the month. They also send humanitarian aid to orphanages, hospitals, schools, families in need and invalids in Belarus.


        Website: www.gamblersanonymous.ie

        Monday 8pm - Ozanam House, Day Place Tralee

        Wednesday 8pm – Church of Resurrection, Killarney

        Friday 8.30pm – Talbot Grove, Castleisland
Saturday 11.30am - Ozanam House, Day Place Tralee

        Going to a Gamblers Anonymous meeting is simple. You find out where and when there is a meeting convenient for you and just turn up. That’s it. There’s no signing in, no money to pay, no appointment to make. There are no intrusive questions, no obligations. Privacy and anonymity is respected. The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop gambling.


        Southern Region: 11 Liberty Street, Cork

        Tel: 1890 474474 or 0214277520

        Email: info@grow.ie or southernregion@grow.ie

        Website: www.grow.ie

        GROW is a Mental Health organisation which helps people who have suffered, or are suffering from mental health problems. Locally held 12 step program of personal growth for people with mental health issues. Help to recover or prevent through group support, social outings and community weekends.

        IHCPT (Irish Handicapped Children’s Pilgrimage Trust)

        Contact: Denis Mc Carthy Southern Chairman 0872328769
Catherine Foley Nurse 0876963814

        Website: www.irishpilgrimagetrust.com

For over forty years, the Trust has been travelling on pilgrimage and on holiday to Lourdes with young people with special needs, from all over Ireland. They travel on Easter Sunday and participate in a unique week in Lourdes. Together with friends from the wider community of HCPT, over five thousand pilgrims enjoy this exceptional experience every year.


        Smithfield Business Centre,Suite 1.9, The Distillers Building,New Church Street,Dublin 7

        Tel 01 8728684

        Email: admin@irishadvocacynetwork.com


        Support and advocacy network for people with mental health difficulties. Peer advocates are people who have personal experience of mental health difficulties who have achieved a sufficient level of recovery to complete an accredited training course in peer advocacy. Their main job is to give support and

        information to people by befriending them and offering a confidential listening ear or peer advocacy.

        IRISH CANCER SOCIETY (Killarney/South Kerry Branch)

        Freephone 1800 200 700

        Mon - Fri 9 am - 5 pm

        Kathrina Breen 0872612992

        Neilly Moynihan (Chairperson) 0879831655


        Ireland’s National Cancer Charity. They are here to listen, support, provide care, create awareness, provide information, fund research and influence decisions about cancer. Contact the service free of charge by dialling 1800 200 700 for more information. Local support group helps with fundraising. Volunteers always welcome. 


        4/5 Eustace Street, Dublin 2, Ireland.
        Telephone. +353 (1) 679 6577   
        Fax. +353 (1) 679 6578   

        Website: www.itmtrav.com

         The Irish Traveller Movement (ITM) is a national network of organisations and individuals working within the Traveller community. 1990 and now has over eighty Traveller organisations from all parts of Ireland in ITM was established in its membership. The Irish Traveller Movement consists of a partnership between Travellers and settled people committed to seeking full equality for Travellers in Irish society.


        Killarney Reeks Gateway, Unit 8, Ardnamweely, Killarney, Kerry

        Tel 066 718 0154

        Email: tralee@iwa.ie

        Website: www.iwa.ie

        The Irish Wheelchair Assocation (IWA) was founded in 1960 by a small group of wheelchair users committed to improving the lives of people with physical disabilities in Ireland. Locally they raise awareness, organise outings and holidays for members; repair and loan of wheelchairs; take part in fundraising activities. They also have their own bus for transport of members locally.


        Unit A1, Edward Court Tralee Co. Kerry

        Tel: 066-7186785

        Email: kerry@jigsaw.ie

        Website: https://www.jigsaw.ie

        Jigsaw works with, and for, young people aged 12 to 25. Jigsaw projects involve them right from the start. Young people have a real say in changing how services and supports can work better for them and their community. Jigsaw works by engaging young people, organisations, families and other support agencies in the community, so that we are all better able to respond to the mental health and well being needs of young people aged 12-25.

        KASI (Killarney Asylum Seekers Initiative)

        KASI Drop-In Centre
 Unit 6, Old Credit Union Building,
Beech Road, 91 New Street,

        Tel: 064 66 20705

        Email: info@kasi2000.com

        Website: www.kasi.ie

        KASI is a community based, nongovernmental organisation which was set up in 2000 to support asylum seekers who arrived in Killarney. As the work evolved and developed over the years, KASI has extended its support and services to refugees, migrant workers and their families. For the last ten years KASI has organised several activities and initiatives including health, education and various training workshops, language support, information sessions, awareness raising programmes and social and intercultural events. In recent years, the KASI Community Garden (Rookery Road, Ballycasheen) and the KASI Ethnic Flair charity shop (New Street) have opened.


        Unit 3, Manor Village, Tralee, Co Kerry Tel: 0667192546

        Services for autism. 


        Louis Collier (chairperson) 0646632878 or 0863461300

        Pauline Fleming 0646634021 or 0861038060

        Kerry Care is a voluntary group that organise healing therapies at affordable rates for people with long term illness such as; Multiple Sclerosis, people who are recovering from joint operations, people with arthritis, people who have had accidents, other conditions. Four trained therapists offer a range of therapies in a private, comfortable setting. Each session lasts twenty minutes; the main aim is to promote well-being. Kerry Care takes place every Wednesday 10am – 1pm in the Serenity Centre (floor 1, lift available), St Anne’s Road Killarney. Price €15 per session. There is no appointment system. People are welcome to come along, have tea/coffee and join in the group exercises until a therapist becomes available. Twenty people can be catered for each Wednesday.

        KERRY DEAF

        Resource Centre, 4 Gas Terrace, Tralee 0667120399



        Kerry Deaf want to ensure that deaf adults, children and their families have full access to services and information which are in the Kerry region so that they become self determining and independent, and able to participate at all levels in the Kerry Community.


        Tim O’Donoghue CEO
064 6631748

        Email: killarney@kdys.ie

        Website: www.kdys.ie

KDYS (Kerry Diocesan Youth Service) is a voluntary youth work organisation providing a range of quality services responding to the needs of children, young people, their families and communities in the Diocese of Kerry. These services include; Youth Clubs, Youthreach, Family Support e.g. Springboard, Neighbourhood Youth Project, Youth Diversion Projects, Youth Information, support and Help, Youth Cafes, Youth leadership courses, Comhairle na nOg.


        Opening Hours: Monday – Friday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. (Thursday is a free day for administration)

        Contact Numbers: 066 7184085 or 066 7103400

        Web site: www.kerryhospice.com

        The Kerry Hospice Foundation (KHF) was established in 1990 as a voluntary organisation. The Kerry Home Care Team was founded by the KHF in conjunction with the Southern Health Board and with some funding from the Irish Cancer Society. Kerry Hospice funds a wide range of palliative care services in Kerry. The Suaimhneas Centre Palliative Care Day Unit was officially opened on the 13th April 2007. The mission of the Suaimhneas Centre/Palliative Care Unit and the Health Service Executive is to support patients and their families from County Kerry with advanced diseases requiring Palliative Care to attain the best quality of life.

        1. Medical Assessment
2. Management of pain and symptom control
3. Group activities (creative and social)
4. Personal Care (shower/bath with Jacuzzi facility available) 5. Rehabilitation
        2. Spiritual support/pastoral care
7. Art Therapy
8. Complimentary therapy i.e., reflexology, massage therapy
9. Fully equipped hairdressing salon and access to beauty therapy.
        3. Physiotherapy 

        4. Occupational Therapy 

        5. Social Worker 

        6. Refreshments: A cooked mid day meal is provided together with refreshments throughout the day. There is a free designated parking area at the centre


        Address: Kerry Mental Health Association, Upper Lewis Road, Killarney, Co Kerry

        Email: info@kerrymentalhealth.com

        Tel: 0646631009 Best times to phone are Monday and Wednesday mornings

        Website: www.kerrymentalhealth.com

        Kerry Mental Health promotes positive mental health through research, local radio, newspaper articles, talks, National Public Speaking Project in schools, literature, promoting the Mental Health Resource Pack (Mental Health Matters) in all post primary schools, Directory of Services and Supports for Young People, mental health promotion poster, website and newsletter. It also supports people with mental health problems through social housing, befriending, recreational programmes, holidays, breaks for carers, transport, sheltered employment and the provision of occupational therapy and IT equipment. The KMHA also advocates on behalf of people with mental health problems and their families and carers.


        Contact: Marie Linehan CEO
Reg. Office: Old Monastery, Port Road, Killarney, Co. Kerry

Tel: 064 6632742

        Fax: 064 6633370

        Email: info@kpfa.ie

        Website: www.kpfa.ie

        Kerry Parents and Friends Association was established in 1973 as a support to families of people with an intellectual disability and also to support the Franciscan Sisters of the Divine Motherhood in their work with persons with an intellectual disability at St. Mary of the Angels, Beaufort, near Killarney. The Association became a Service Provider in 1978 in response to an urgent need for services for adults with an intellectual disability in Co. Kerry. The Association provides community based day, residential, respite and support services for more than 250 adults with an intellectual disability and their families in various locations throughout Kerry.


        5 Greenview Terrace,Tralee, Co. Kerry Freephone 1800 633333/066 7123122


        The Kerry Rape & Sexual Abuse Centre provides a professional, confidential and free counselling service to female and male survivors of rape, sexual assault and childhood sexual abuse. The service is available for teenagers and adults. The centre offers a wide range of services. Professionally qualified accredited counsellors are available to meet with you to answer any queries or concerns about counselling or any requests for information. The centre is open Monday – Friday from 9am to 5pm but appointments are available outside of these hours. People can be referred by someone or they can simply ring or call in themselves.


        Secretary: Oonagh Moynihan 087 2365664

        Email secretary@kerrystarsspecialolympicsclub.ie

        Websit: http://kerrystarsspecialolympicsclub.ie

        The Kerry Stars Stars Special Olympics Club was formed in September 2002. Its objective is to provide athletes with special needs the opportunity to be productive and respected members of society through participation in an all year round sports and competition programme. As of 2012, there are 70 athletes in the Kerry Stars club. The club offers sports such as athletics track and field events, soccer, golf, basketball and swimming, under the guidance of 80 dedicated coaches and volunteers who implement a year round training programme. The club trains at various complexes and existing sporting facilities throughout Kerry. New volunteers are always welcome to join the club. The Kerry Stars is a club that tries to instill an ethos in all of its athletes that it’s not about being the best; it’s about being the best you can be. Special Olympics operates a four year sporting cycle culminating in World Games. The Kerry Stars Special Olympics Club has had representatives in China and Greece for the past two games. The clubs activities are entirely dependent on fundraising efforts of club members and families.


        Arus Phadraigh Lewis Rd Killarney, County: Co. Kerry


        Email: pfleming70@gmail.com


Killarney Active Retired meet every Friday in KDYS, Fairhill Killarney 2-4pm. They have a full programme of activities including bingo, crafts, cards, bowling, swimming and guest speakers on occasions. They have great fun and go on holiday at least once a year. Killarney Active Retired are for those people aged 55 years and over.


        First Floor, 37 High Street, Killarney, Co. Kerry  V93 NTCO
        Mary Concannon
        Tel 0646636990
        Mobile 0867969625

        Killarney Adult Literacy & Basic Education Centre provides free and confidential help to adults who wish to improve their reading, writing, spelling and numeracy. Adults can receive one-to-one tuition or be part of a small group.


        Killarney / Cahersiveen
Sponsor: South Kerry Development Partnership 72 New Street Killarney, Co. Kerry

        Tel: 064 37833

        Fax: 064 37834

        Killarney Jobs Club provide training to assist participants who are ready for work, to develop skills which they can use to find a job. This active, practical and participative process takes place under the guidance and supervision of the Jobs Club leader. Anyone who is ready to work and is between 16 and 64 years of age can join a Jobs Club. Participants do not have to be on a social welfare payment but if they are, it will not be affected by becoming a member of a Jobs Club. The training topics range from health and safety to interview techniques and last up to five weeks. Jobs Club participants retain their social welfare allowances during the training modules and receive €20 per week to help in dealing with additional costs.


        0879006300 or 0669762601

Mon – Fri 10am to 12pm

        Email: livinglinkskerry@skdp.net

        Living Links is for Families and individuals bereaved through suicide. They provide a supportive and confidential listening service on request, to persons bereaved through suicide, in their home or other agreed venue.


        Upper Lewis Rd, Deer Park, Killarney, Co. Kerry

        Tel: 087 277 8828

Email: kmshed@gmail.com


        The Shed is open Monday – Friday 10am - 4pm
The Men’s Shed Club is a dedicated friendly and welcoming meeting place where men come together and undertake a variety of mutually agreed activities. The club is open to all men 18+ regardless of age, background or ability. It is a place where you can share your skills and knowledge with others, learn new skills and develop your old skills. New members are always welcome and can be assured that there is something of interest for everyone as the men have ownership of the projects and decide their own programme of events.


        Kerry support: Ashe Street, Tralee

        0187224357 or 0860205856


        They offer a weekly group session in which men can; learn to stop the violence, learn to spot danger signs, learn to break out of isolation, learn other ways of expressing strong feelings safely and learn to build healthy relationships.


        Pat O’Neill (Chairperson) 0646631982

        Siobhan Lynch (MS South Kerry Social Worker) 0872663489

        Provides a support group for people with MS to help their families and to co- ordinate fundraising or any other projects for the MS Society. MOVE, Men Overcoming Violence, is a structured group work programme for men who are or have been violent in an intimate relationship. The programmes are designed to help the participants take responsibility for their violence and to choose to behave differently in the future.


        Monday – 7.30pm John Paul II Pastoral Centre, Killarney

        Tuesday – 8pm St. Marys Parish Hall, Killarney

        Thursday – 7.30pm John Paul II Pastoral Centre, Killarney

        Tel 0871386120

        Meetings and mutual support for people with drug addiction.


        Marion Geary 0646632709

        Website: www.ncbi.ie

        Raise funds and helps promote an awareness of needs and activities for the blind and the visually impaired. People are helped to develop computer skills, learn daily living skills and are encouraged to increase their mobility. They are involved in organising monthly lunches and winter breaks.


        1800359359 or 018722234

        9am -1pm Monday – Friday

        1pm – 3pm Wed - Thursday

        Email: info@parkinsons.ie

        Website: www.parkinsons.ie

        The National Parkinson’s Association aims is to assist people with Parkinson's, their families and carers, health professionals and interested others, by offering support, a listening ear, and information on any aspect of living with Parkinson's.

        NO NAME CLUB

        Anne Nagle 0879049393 

        Email: KillarneyNoNameClub@gmail.com


        Name Club is a National Voluntary Youth Organisation founded in 1978 with clubs throughout the country. No Name Clubs are run by and for young people ged 15 years + who come together in a safe and lively environments where theres fun, friendship and enjoyment without the pressure of alcohol or other drugs. No Name Clubs were founded to provide an alternative to pub culture for young people in Ireland. They demonstrate a lifestyle in which the use of alcohol or drugs is seen as unnecessary to the enjoyment of a happy, cheerful and fulfilling social life for young people.

        ONE IN FOUR




One in Four professionally supports men and women who have experienced sexual violence, many of them during childhood. The aim is to reduce the incidence of sexual abuse by intervening in key areas of the cycle of abuse. This is done through psychotherapy, advocacy and prevention services.


        Colette Kiely
Officer in Charge
 087 239 0125

        Ard Kielin
 Upper Lewis Road, Killarney

E-mail: killarney@orderofmalta.ie


        Involved in teaching CPR & first aid to teenagers and adults. Killarney unit covers all sporting events and other major events. Members are aged from 10 years upward. Further information may be obtained by contacting the Killarney Unit


        Tim & Mary O’Shea
        New Street, Killarney, Co Kerry 

        Tel: 064 6637123 Email: o’sheatim@tinet.ie


        Travellers Resource 018780255
Email: info@paveepoint.ie Website: www.paveepoint.ie

        Pavee Point is a voluntary organisation committed to the attainment of human rights for Irish Travellers. The group is comprised of Travellers and members of the majority population working together in partnership to address the needs of Travellers as a minority group experiencing exclusion and marginalisation.


        28 Moyderwell
        County Kerry
        V92 ADP1
        Phone: 066-7163660
        Contact Person: Centre Manager - Cora O'Brien
        Opening Hours:
        Monday: 9am to 8pm
        Tuesday: 9am to 5pm
        Wednesday: 9am to 5pm
        Thursday: 9am to 8pm
        Friday: 9am to 5pm
        Saturday: 10am to 2pm

        Website: www.pieta.ie

        Pieta House is the centre for prevention of self-harm and suicide. It is a respected and recognized service for those who are suicidal. The Centre officially opened its doors in January 2006. Five years later, they have seen and helped nearly 4,000 people, opened up two Outreach Centres, and two other Centres of Excellence in both Dublin and Limerick.


        Block B, Maynooth Business Campus,
        Co Kildare, W23W5X7.
        Telephone: 01 541 3715
        Email: info@shine.ie


        Email Support Service: phil@shine.ie

        Schizophrenia Ireland is the national organisation dedicated to upholding the rights and addressing the needs of all those affected by schizophrenia and related illnesses, through the promotion and provision of high-quality services.


        44 Moyderwell, Tralee

        9am, - 10pm

        LoCall 24hr: 1850609090

        Text Support: 0872609090


        Confidential listening service for those who are lonely, in crisis, suicidal or just need someone to listen.


        Address: Emmett's Road (adjacent to the Aras Phadraig and KDYS).

        Tel: 064 6636416

        Email: info@southwestcounselling.ie

        Website: http://southwestcounselling.ie

        Hours: Mon-Fri and some Saturday, evening appointments available.

        SouthWest Counselling Centre is a registered charity and not for profit community service. The Centre provides Free Suicide Prevention Counselling and Free crisis pregnancy counselling. In addition SouthWest Counselling Centre offer professional low cost affordable counselling (on a sliding scale dependent on the client's own financial circumstances) to children, adolescents, adults, couples and parenting support. We also run workshops and work with schools, local agencies and the HSE. The service is completely confidential.


        1800742745  6pm – 10pm

        Persons who may be feeling depressed or suicidal or equally for a family member or friend who is concerned about a loved one.

        VTOS - Adult Education

        Mary A. O’ Connor (Co-ordinator) Ivy House, New Street Carpark Killarney 
Co. Kerry

        Email: Killarneyvtos@eircom.net

        Tel/Fax: 064 66 37757

        The Killarney VTOS programme under the auspices of Kerry Education Services gives individuals the opportunity to learn and acquire knowledge in a wide range of interesting subjects including computers (ECDL) in a relaxed and adult environment. Killarney VTOS recognize the importance of learning as a life-long process and makes this possible through its flexible structure and varied course content. Following an up-grading of skills, new opportunities should become available which will enable a participant to either return to the work force or progress to third level or further education.

          General Practice

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          Категории: Service

          General Practice

          Ross Medical Practice provides comprehensive care for both acute and chronic medical conditions.

          Chronic conditions are those which may affect a patient lifelong and require regular monitoring and checkups with a doctor in order to optimise the control of these conditions with the aim of preserving a patient's health, happiness and  quality of life. 

          These include:

          •  Asthma
          •  Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
          •  Diabetes
          •  Epilepsy
          •  Arthritis
          •  Coronary Heart Disease (CHD)
          •  Stroke (CVA)
          •  Mental Health
          •  Learning Disability
          •  Dementia
          •  Chronic Kidney Disease 
          •  Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD)

          At Ross Medical Practice, both our doctors and nurses are involved in monitoring and managing these conditions with a holistic approach. We aim to offer advice, expert medical opinion and support for your healthcare needs.

            Women’s Health

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            Категории: Service

            Women’s Health

            At Ross Medical we offer a range of services specific to women.

            These include advice regarding:

            • Contraception
            •  Menstrual complaints
            •  Breast complaints
            • Gynaecological problems including cervical screening
            •  Pregnancy care
            •  Fertility testing
            •  Sexual health issues
            •  Menopause

            Please make an appointment if you wish to discuss any of these services.

            All of our doctors are able to advise you regarding your health in this area but we are fortunate to have a number of doctors with a special interest in Women's Health including Dr Brenda Moran, Dr Rosemary Kelliher, Dr Martin Flynn and Dr Fíona Coffey.  

            Cervical Smears

            A smear test is a simple procedure where a small brush is used to sample cells from the neck of the womb. It only takes minutes and is the most effective way to detect changes in the cells of the cervix. Cervical Check is Ireland's National Screening Service for detecting abnormal cells. This scheme recommends the following:

            Currently women aged between 25-45 should have a smear test every 3 years and then every 5 years from age 45-60.

            Please visit www.cervicalcheck.ie to ensure you are registered for this programme and to check when your next smear is due.

            Breast Check
            Breast Check is Ireland’s National Breast Screening Programme.  Breast screening is where a mammogram (an x-ray of the breast) is used to detect abnormalities in the breast. Breast check calls women for mammograms every two years. This service is available to all women aged 50 to 69. If breast cancer is found early, it is easier to treat and a woman has a higher chance of a good recovery. No screening tool is 100 per cent effective and breast screening dose not find all breast cancers, but screening in other countries has been shown to lower the number of women dying from breast cancer, and these lives are saved because cancers are diagnosed and treated earlier than they would have been without screening. 

            In Ireland BreastCheck invites eligible women for their free mammogram every two year years. Please visit
            https://www.breastcheck.ie for more information and to register for this programme.

            Bowel Screen

            Bowel Screen is  the National Bowel Screening Programme. Bowel screening can detect changes in the bowel before cancer develops. It can also detect cancer at an early stage, making it more treatable.

            BowelScreen offers a free home test to men and women aged 60 to 69 every two years. The quick and easy to use test is non-invasive and can be done in your own home. Please visit https://www.bowelscreen.ie for more information and to register for this programme.

              Pregnancy Care

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              Категории: Service

              Pregnancy Care

              If you are pregnant or planning a pregnancy, Ross Medical Practice is delighted to assist you on this wonderful journey.

              Every woman who is pregnant and ordinarily resident in Ireland is entitled to maternity care under the Maternity and Infant Scheme.

              This is usually provided as combined care between General Practice and your maternity hospital of choice.

              We usually try to provide the initial examination before 12 weeks and then a further 5 examinations during the pregnancy, which are alternated with visits to the maternity hospital.

              If you have a significant illness such as diabetes or hypertension, you may require extra visits to the GP.

              Care for other illnesses which you may have at this time, but which are not related to your pregnancy, is not covered by the Scheme. 

              We encourage all women to get vaccinated against whopping cough and flu vaccine during pregnancy.

              Please visit https://www.hse.ie/eng/health/immunisation/pubinfo/pregvaccs/ for more information about this.

              After the birth, we will examine your baby at 2 weeks and both mother and baby at 6 weeks.

              In Ross Medical you will be under the care of a doctor and a nurse. 

              Please note we do not cover homebirths at present.

              We aim to offer a holistic approach to your pregnancy and support you throughout your journey. 


              We are extremely lucky to have a qualified lactation consultant, Nurse Anna O'Donoghue,  working in the practice as well to help you with any queries regarding breastfeeding. Anna’s website is http://www.breastfeedingkerry.ie


              We encourage any woman thinking of becoming pregnant to start folic acid at least 3 months before pregnancy.


              We also encourage any women who is smoking to try to stop and we are happy to provide support in this field. Please visit your doctor for smoking cessation advice. 

              For more information please have a read of the following article for some pregnancy do’s and don’t’s. Please visit one of our team for further advice. 


                Child Health

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                Категории: Service

                Child Health

                Our journey with your child often begins at the 2 week check!

                 All of the doctors in Ross Medical are delighted to offer medical advice and healthcare to children of all ages.

                Currently all children under 6 years of age in Ireland qualify for a GP visit card. This covers free GP visits (including out of hours), assessments at age 2 and 5 and care for children with asthma.

                How can I get this new service?

                Medical Card Holders - If your child or children have a Medical Card or GP Visit Card they will automatically be registered for this new scheme.  

                Non-Medical Card Holders - If your child or children does not have a Medical Card or GP Visit Card you must register them for this new scheme.

                Please visit https://www.hse.ie/eng/services/campaigns/gpvisitcardunder%206.html to get more details on registering for this service.

                  Childhood Immunisation

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                  Категории: Service

                  Childhood Immunisation

                  Childhood vaccines are covered free of charge by the HSE and we encourage all children to get them.


                  We have a dedicated vaccinations clinic and we advise parents to book their baby's first vaccines after the baby’s 6 week check up.

                  Please visit https://www.hse.ie/eng/health/immunisation/ for more information about the childhood vaccination schedule in Ireland.

                  If you are moving from another country and are not sure what vaccines your child/children need, please make an appointment with one of our nurses to discuss this and bring a copy of the vaccinations your child has already received.

                    Men’s Health

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                    Категории: Service

                    Men’s Health

                    At Ross Medical we provide a range of services for Men.


                    These include history and examination for

                    ·      Testicular complaints,

                    ·      Prostate disease including cancer,

                    ·      Heart disease, blood pressure and cholesterol control,

                    ·      Erectile dysfunction,

                    ·      Alcohol advice and

                    ·      Sexual transmitted disease.

                    We can organise any further investigations if needed.


                    Bowel Screen- The National Bowel Screening Programme

                    Bowel screening can detect changes in the bowel before cancer develops. It can also detect cancer at an early stage, making it more treatable.

                    BowelScreen offers a free home test to men and women aged 60 to 69 every two years. The quick and easy to use test is non-invasive and can be done in your own home. Please visit https://www.bowelscreen.ie for more information and to register for this programme.



                      Medical Services


                      Medical Services

                      Repeat Review€30.00
                      Student Consultation
                      Consultation and Bloods€70.00
                      Consultation and ECG€80.00
                      Consultation, Bloods and ECG€95.00
                      Family Consultation€70.00-€120.00
                      Form Completion€20.00-€50.00
                      Driving Licence€50.00

                        Nursing Services

                        Nursing Services

                        Nursing Consultation€20.00
                        Blood test€20.00
                        Suture removal€30.00
                        Ear Syringing€30.00
                        Blood Pressure Monitor and Interpretation€70.00
                        Pill Check€30.00
                        Nebuliser - Consultation and Procedure€60.00



                          Flu Vaccine€25.00
                          Pneumonia Vaccine€30.00
                          Hepatitis B€20.00
                          Flu Vaccine & Bloods €30.00
                          Revaxis (Diphtheria, Tetanus, Polio) €50.00
                          Yellow Fever (Stamaril)€48.00
                          Hepatitis A (Haverix - per vaccine 2 doses needed€55.00
                          Hepatitis B (Energix - per vaccine 3 doses needed)€40.00
                          Hep A & B (Twinrex -per vaccine 3 doses needed)€70.00
                          Cervical Vaccine (price per vaccine)€140.00
                          Hepatitis B - Junior €25.00
                          Hepatitis A - Junior (Haverix) €45.00
                          Hepatitis A & Typhoid (Hepatyrix)€95.00
                          Typhoid (Typherix)€40.00
                          Tetanus & Diptheria Combined (Diftavax)€40.00
                          Boostrix (Whooping Cough)€40.00
                          Meningitis Vaccine Booster (ACWY)€95.00
                          Twinrix Paediatric (Hepatitis A and B)€50.00
                          Viatim (Hepatitis A and Typhoid)€90.00
                          Typhim (Typhoid)€39.00

                            Free Services

                            Free Services

                            Antenatal Care in Pregnancy
                            Children under 6 Years Old
                            (with valid DV card)
                            Patients over 70 Years Old
                            (with valid DV Card)
                            Smear Taking as part of Cervical Check
                            Social Welfare Certification
                            Childhood VaccinationsFree

                              Specialised Services

                              Specialised Services

                              Nurse Breastfeeding Advice from Lactation Consultant€50.00
                              STD Full Screening€90.00
                              Full Health Check€140.00
                              BP Monitor Workup including ECG and Visit with GP€100.00
                              Mirena Insertion€140.00
                              Mirena Removal€60.00
                              Implanon Replacement (Removal and Insertion)€100.00
                              Implanon Removal€60.00
                              Implanon Insertion€80.00
                              Joint Injection €50.00
                              Surgical Excisions (Depending on Wound Size, Sutures)€ on request